Shoreline Fishing License Free to Residents

All anglers fishing from shore or from a structure affixed to the shore must possess a Shoreline Fishing License. There is no fee for this license if it is purchased through the Tax Collector’s Office. If you purchase the license by phone or by internet there is a convenience fee assessed of $2.31 at or $3.33 at 888-FISH FLORIDA (888-347-4356). This license is only available to Florida residents. Fishing from a boat, or land or structure accessible only by boat requires a regular saltwater fishing license: $17.00 for residents; nonresidents: $17.00 for three days, $30.00 for seven days, or $47.00 per year. There are some exemptions to license requirements. More information can be found at, or (904) 209-2250.

Saltwater Fishing License

The law requires anyone who takes, attempts to take, or possesses marine fish for noncommercial purposes to have a saltwater fishing license. The license is valid 12 months from the specified beginning date. (License cannot be renewed/issued more than 60 days in advance.)


  • A child under 16 years of age.
  • A Florida resident who is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, who is not stationed in this state, while on leave for 30 days or less, upon submission of orders. This does not include family members.
  • A Florida resident who is 65 years of age or older. (Must carry proof of age and residency.)
  • Residents certified as totally and permanently disabled. Application must be submitted to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and can be viewed/downloaded at
  • A Florida resident fishing for mullet in fresh water with a valid Florida freshwater fishing license.
  • Residents cane pole fishing in the county of their residence. (Excludes Fish Management areas.)
  • Fishing from a vessel that has a valid recreational vessel saltwater fishing license.
  • Fishing from a for-hire vessel that has a valid charter boat license.
  • Fishing from a pier that has a valid pier saltwater fishing license.
  • A holder of a valid commercial saltwater products license.
  • Any person who has been accepted as a client for developmental services by Department of Children and Family Services. Please visit for additional requirements.

Get Your License

You can purchase a variety of fishing and hunting licenses through St. Johns County Tax Collector's offices or online at

More Information

For more information, please contact the St. Johns County Tax Collector Office at (904) 209-2250 or


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