Required Documentation

  • Out of state title, or if it is from a registration only state, the most current original registration. If changing ownership the registration must be accompanied by a Bill of Sale.
  • Out of country documentation when previously registered out of the country.
  • A VIN Verification must be completed by the applicant. This can be done by bringing the vehicle to the Tax Collectors Office or by having the form 82042 completed by one of the appropriate parties. If the vehicle is coming from another country the VIN inspection can only be completed by a Compliance Officer. Please contact the DMV Regional Office at 904-365-2681 for this information.
  • Proof of Florida Insurance Coverage.
  • A Florida resident or their spouse on military assignment outside of Florida, is not required to submit proof of Florida insurance. They must submit a copy of their military orders, proof of insurance for the state they are stationed in, and the Military Insurance Affidavit.
  • If the vehicle is acquired from out of state, 6% Sales Tax plus a 0.5% discretionary tax on the first $5,000 of the purchase price is due on the purchase price of the vehicle. If the vehicle was titled in the applicant's name less than 6 months prior to being titled in the state of Florida proof of the purchase price and the amount of sales tax that was paid must be submitted. If the amount paid was less than 6.5%, Florida will collect the difference. If applicant’s residency is outside of St. Johns County there may be an additional discretionary tax due. If the vehicle was titled in the applicants name for more than 6 months prior to taking title in Florida, no sales tax is due.
  • If the vehicle is coming from another country a use tax in the amount of 6% will be collected on the fair market value of the vehicle. If the vehicle is being acquired from out of the country 6% will be collected on the purchase price.
  • All parties taking title to the vehicle must be present or have granted power of attorney to the party that will be present. Please be able to provide copy of driver’s license, I.D. or passport for all parties taking title.

More Information

For more information, please contact the St. Johns County Tax Collector Office at (904) 209-2250 or


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