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Alligator Hunting Permit

The 2012-2013 alligator hunting season closed on November 1, 2012. Information about permits for the 2013-2014 hunting season will be available in the spring. For more information, visit Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee.

Sustainable Harvests

"Florida's alligator harvest program has been internationally recognized as a model program for the sustainable use of a natural resource. Each year, alligator management units are established with appropriate harvest quotas to provide recreational opportunities for Floridians and non-residents to take up to 2 alligators per permit."

Permit Application Process

Applications are accepted online at, at any St. Johns County Tax Collector's office, or license agent (retail outlet that sells hunting and fishing licenses).

Permits are issued by random drawing in Phase I. Results are posted at (click "Limited Entry / Quota Hunts," then "Drawing Results").

Remaining permits are issued on a first come first served basis during Phases II and III. Phase II is open only to customers who do not already have a permit from Phase I. Phase III is open for everyone, including those who already have permits from Phase I or II. You may obtain additional tags during Phase III.

Permit Fees

The combined cost of a resident alligator trapping license and alligator harvest tags is $272, non-resident cost is $1,022. The cost for two additional alligator tags is $62, regardless of residency. All fees are nonrefundable. Tags and permits are nontransferable. An alligator trapping agent license is also available for $52; it allows the license holder to assist permitted trappers to take alligators.

Training and Orientation

To educate participants on the how-tos, and rules and regulations of the hunts, the FWC offers a free, three hour training and orientation program, which is held at various locations throughout the state. Permit recipients are not required to attend, but the FWC strongly encourages first time participants to go. Courses will be offered in July and August, and permit holders will receive, by mail, permit packages listing dates and locations.

More Information

The St. Johns County Tax Collector office will add information about the 2012 season as it becomes available, or you can visit

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

You can also purchase a Freshwater, Saltwater, or Hunting License online through


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